Is Nokia Coming up a Budget Androd Smartphone Called Normandy?

This is a pleasant surprise that most  of us, who are Nokia enthusiasts have held our breaths for. Right from the early days of Android we have wanted Nokia to give the popular OS a go and let us enjoy the marriage between gorgeous hardware and OS that is perhaps the best on the mobile devices. However, when Nokia went ahead and signed a deal with Microsoft, it was clear as daylight that those plans were done and dusted. However, according to the new rumors in town, there just might be some hope.


According to some of the insiders, Nokia is working on an entry level Android smartphone called Normandy. The image of the device was leaked out by @Evleaks but surprisingly has no capacitive buttons inspite of a very Lumia like construction. The device is meant for the budget section and would be competing with the established Asha series of devices. The phone will run a custom skinned Android on top but that would be closer to the implementation done by Kindle as compared to that of some of the other OEMs like HTC or Samsung.

Although some of the insiders have described the project to be full steam ahead and slated to be out in 2014, the recent acquisition of Nokia Mobility by Microsoft certainly can throw a spanner in the works. It is unclear if Nokia would release the device as one last treat before the contract with Microsoft kicks in or if Microsoft will have the final say in this. Whatever it is, if an Android phone made by Nokia does hit the market, we would definitely be digging our pockets deep.

Via: The Verge

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