Is Nokia set to roll out a Phablet?

Looks like the phablet enthusiasts will now have an option as as far as the ecosystem of the phone goes too. So far, only Android had devices which measured more than 5 inches diagonally, but if the leaked images and reported information is anything to go by, then Nokia may well be the next to jump on the Phablet bandwagon and we may have a Windows Phone Phablet device.

Nokia Phablet

Not entirely sure how well would the device work in the market given the likes of HTC Titan or even the HTC HD7 completely failed, although not really phablet big, those devices were pretty darn huge for their time. Windows Phone 8 is text based UI more than any other and not entirely sure how it would look on a gigantic screen like that of the likes of G Pro or even the Note II.

Nokia recently announced the Lumia 625 which is a pretty huge phone at 4.7 inches, perhaps the largest screen size to run Windows Phone OS, so dont be surprised if this phablet device is an iteration to the likes of Lumia 820 and we have a crazy rebranding such as Lumia 825.

With Nokia announcing the Lumia 1020 just recently, we feel that this phablet device may still be a few days even months away before it hits the market cause otherwise it would simply be a case of cluttering the market with too many devices and confusing the customers in name of choice.

Via: Phonedogg

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