Is The Official App For Pinterest Coming At Google I/O For Android?

Pinterest is the next gen of social networking just like Twitter. It has become an easy way to share your links and show your friends the stuff you like. In a way it it is similar to something like digg but a lot more visually appealing. It seems Pinterest developers have understood that the users today look for things that are more image appealing than pure text. Hence all you have to do with pinterest is pin an image or even a video to your board of a particular interest and all your friends following it can go through it or re pin it. However all of this is great on desktop. What about the other devices?

Every site no matter how big or small is viewed just as much on the mobile devices seeing how smartphones have become smarter these days. Yet viewing some sites on a mobile device is clumpy to look at and we have applications for them. Seeing Pinterest’s popularity rising, it is pretty surprising that there is no solid application for it on Android which is an extremely popular OS out there. however, after a pretty successful launch on iOS it seems this is about to change as the Pinterest is all set to launch their official application at the upcoming Google I/O event.

However, this description in the official Google I/O app is all but a confirmation that things are going to change:

So it does seem that we are only adding to the list of things coming at Google I/O. Are you excited? Let us know.

Via: Ausdroid

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