Is Samsung Planning To Launch A Smart Watch?

After CES 2013, a new category of Consumer Electronics seem to be opening up the market space. The market of a smart watch. Yes, we have had smart phone, smart pads in the form of tablets and even smart laptops, if that is what you could call the Surface Pro line up. Yet, unlike all the above categories, smart watch is a market largely nascent and young. And seems like all the big players are ready to tap into the market of preparing a smart watch. There have been enough reports already about Apple coming up with an iWatch very soon which could be a game changer.


The popular saying that, if Apple is doing something how can Samsung be far behind seems to be proving true once again. Samsung are allegedly working on a smart watch which is supposed named the Altius. There are rumors that alongside the Samsung Galaxy S IV and S IV mini, Samsung could surprise everybody by launching the Altius smart watch. A few 500 x 500 resolution screen shots have emerged from Korea that give the lead towards a smart watch, cause it is pretty much impossible for such a resolution to be found on any other device.

The device looks to be running a custom made OS quite possibly an Android based OS just like the Motorola ACTV did. The tiles sort of look gives it easy access and the UI is supposed to be touch based unlike the very popular Pebble range of smart watches. The watch should be able to sync with your smart phones and provide you with notifications too for Mails, Messages and other things. Not too much is known about the smart watch yet, but you can be sure of the fact that coming days would be full of news about such watches. It seems Samsung wants to strike the iron when it is hot, and as the space seems to be nicely opening up for a smart watch, this rumor of a Samsung smart watch should not be as easy to dismiss as others.

What do you think about a smart watch? Would you buy one made by Samsung or even Apple? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Via: Phandroid

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