Is Samsung Working on a Special Edition Batman vs Superman Galaxy S7 Edge?

It was recently confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be announced at an Unpacked event to be held on 21st of February. While the world holds their breath for the next Galaxy iteration, and for what the new devices will come, there are already reports surfacing about Limited Edition devices of the same. Last year, Samsung came up with a Limited Edition Ironman Galaxy S6 Edge device to celebrate the Marvel movie and looks like we could have something similar this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Batman vs Superman is easily the most keenly awaited title of the year and is scheduled to release on 24th of March. So, if Samsung is indeed working on this super cool device, you would expect it to come around that period. The phone will most likely come with the same internals but with content like videos and wallpapers from the movie. Not just this, the exterior would too, be clad with themes from the movie.

The report comes from Naver, who say that this is not the only Limited Edition device as Samsung is also planning a 2016 Olympics version to showcase the event in Brazil. These Limited Editions may not even have a global rollout and remain local to a select few markets like China or Korea.

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