Is Samsung Working On Yet Another Model Of Galaxy SII?

It is far from a lie that Samsung Galaxy SII has been the most successful device to come out of Samung’s laboratories. The SIII seems to be giving it a good run for the money but the SII remains a very good option even today for the customers, almost an later plus after it’s initial launch.  A part of this success is down to the fact that Samsung have continuously added upgrades to their SII series. We had a version called Captivate, Skyrocket, LTE, HD LTE and few others coming out which added a new feature everytime to this already capable smartphone.

However, seems like Samsung is ready to bump up the Galaxy SII for what we believe would be the very last time. The device is rumored to be called Galaxy SII plus and is expected to be out in the coming weeks. The phone is pretty distinctively different from the international version of Galaxy SII. It is sporting round edges and a larger 4.5 inch display on board. The device will also not have any physical key button and will instead be using four capacitive touch buttons. The processor remains the same dual core one but will be clocked at 1.5 GHz. The camera remains unchanged at 8 MP. The phone should also be running ICS right out of the box and later on updated to JellyBean.

All in all it sounds like a reasonable bump to keep Galaxy SII running in the competition against today’s smartphone world dominated by the likes of SIII and HTC One X. In all, it seems like a worthy upgrade too.

Via: Redmondpie

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