Is the budget iPhone called iPhone C?

Speculations are all over the shop about what would be the next product from the famous product lines of Apple. Most of the speculations are pointing towards two devices, an iteration to the already existing iPhone 5 in the form of an iPhone 5s. The other device though is the one everyone is making wild guesses about and has dominated a lot of space in the tech verse of late. Yes, we are alluding to a budget iPhone or an iPhone designed mainly to take on the more affordable category of devices in the mobile market that is flooded with devices.


However, the latest addition to the speculation is that the iPhone budget which has already leaked out will be called the iPhone C, where C may well stand for cheap. However, several iPhone experts and people in the know of technology have commented that Apple would call the ne new iPhone anything but a cheap iPhone cause that is the term never associated with Apple which is a premium manufacturer. The speculation arises from a picture leaked online of a bin which has several packaging boxes with iPhone 5 C packaging in a box that looks very similar to the iPod Touch packaging.

It is still unknown where the image was taken and there could well be a possibility that the device may be made out of polycarbonate and that is why the C may stand for either China or Carbonate. WHile we speculate, nothing will be concrete until the official word comes from Apple.

Via: 9to5Mac

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