Is The Next Generation Addicted To Smart Phones?

How often it happens that on festivals you have a billion relatives over and you have absolutely no idea who they are. The thing we turn to then in order to avoid the awkward situation is our smart phone. We either tweet how bored we are getting or update a Facebook status cursing the relatives or festivals or both. And then there is a missile launched by one of the visitors who do not approve of us continuously being on the phone. They always say the same thing that the upcoming generation can not live without their phones. People actually suffer a lot less with a heart break than a smart phone screen breakage. People today indeed can not do without their phones. The day starts with the check for messages on the phone and that is exactly how it ends too. till the time we fall asleep, we do not let go off the phone, and even though unhealthy, it has become an addiction and getting worse. Here is a very interesting infographic which outlines how much of an importance smart phones have in our lives.


So how addicted are you to smartphones? And do you agree with the assessment that popularization of smartphones have had a detrimental effect on the well being of the society? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Mashable

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