Is this Device Running Windows Phone 8.1?

As the rumors of features in Windows 8.1 for desktop gather momentum, there is a little hush in the town that Windows Phone users might also be ready to welcome a potential Windows 8.1 update to their smartphones. Although, most of this information is nothing more than a calculated guess, but given we all seem to be desperate to want some of the features that seem to be indicated in the leaks, you cannot help but feel excited about the whole prospect.

Windows Phone 8.1

The leaked image is by one of the members of the XDA Forum who recently acquired a device and in the SD Cad found the image. The device from the onset looks very similar to a Nokia Lumia 620 but beyond it, there are some interesting points to note. The most important one being the presence of that little astrick mark that is seen on the mail tile.

This may indicate some sort of expandable notification in a Notification Center of the device. Notification Center is one of the most requested features in the Windows Phone platform so that users can find all their notifications that are pending at one place. Of course this may well be some app feature which may roll out with GDR3 update and turn out to be a big fat false alarm.

Via: XDA

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