Is This How Blackberry 10 Facebook App Would Look Like?

We are all extremely excited about the launch of Blackberry OS 10. It is probably the last hope in keeping Blackberry afloat and preventing it from being nothing more than history. A lot of leaks have been coming our way which probably points to the fact that RIM is very serious about getting the OS out in the market before the end of the year as it promised. We recently saw the call screen as well as few new gestures and also the contacts application of the OS 10. The latest in the long line of leaked images is the Facebook app.

We have been impressed with the way current Blackberry OS that is OS 7 handles social feeds. In fact even on an old Bold 3 running OS 5, social feeds is something we have enjoyed on BB. The notification system and the general layout have been good and well made. So it is obvious that we are curious how this would change for only the better as the OS 10 comes out. Here is the leaked images which may be showing how the FB application would look like:

These may well be older leaks and maybe RIM will make more changes to the application but we really like how the UI is done. It seems spacious and also neat. What this also shows is that we can be fairly certain now that Blackberry will be ditching its qwerty physical keyboard which we have come to associate with Blackberry for a long time. Only time could tell if this is the real thing, but we would have absolutely no qualms if it really is this.

Via: Crackberry

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