Is This How The New iPhone Will Look Like?

A lot of speculations and images are going around the internet regarding how exactly the new iPhone would look like. Honestly speaking you would like to believe that the iPhone must be pretty much in the last stages of developments seeing we have already seen a lot of its parts including the back plate, a few internals and a lot of other documentations leaked. So far most of the iPhones you must have seen have been the black variant. However we  are all very well aware of the fact that the iPhone is sold in both black and white colour. So for all those who love white gadgets just like i personally like them, here are the rendered sketches of the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone. Remember, these are just sketches which are based on all the leaks so far and in no capacity can we comments how close the real new iPhone would be to this. However, Gizmodo have published these images and so far if we were to go by the rumor mill which was pretty correct guessing the products at WWDC this is how a white iPhone would look like:

Remember these are just mock up designs so the finger prints that you see on the device are no way to prove that the phone would be so finger print friendly. So what do you think about the new white iPhone. Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via:Gizmodo, Technobuffalo

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