Is this Leaked Nexus Prime?

In the past few weeks, we have seen a number of fake videos and fake photos of Nexus Prime but yesterday we encountered another video of Nexus prime. This one is clear and it’s very difficult to say if it’s fake. It doesn’t seem to be fake and also looks pretty okay. Rumors are this is possibly Nexus Prime.


The video shows us that Nexus Prime running Android’s latest flagship Ice-cream Sandwich and it has no physical buttons or capacitive touch buttons and has software buttons just like Honeycomb. Some people will love it and some of us might hate it. The UI is pretty much Honeycomb including the launcher. The launcher dock on the bottom also looks customizable. New animations are seen while switching between screen and apps. Most of the part is blue, just like Honeycomb and it really looks like Google has combined Tablet and Smartphone OS.

The lock screen is also inspired from Honeycomb ‘ring style’. You can either drag it to the left to launch the camera or to the right to unlock the phone. The camera apps also seem to be a bit tweaked. The search bar is still on top of the screen, so not everything about the OS is Honeycomb..

Now, all these rumors have come at a time when Google and Samsung have decided to delay the event. The rumored video might be true and might not be true, but its definitely adding to the excitement of people. What do you think? Is this Nexus Prime and Ice Cream sandwich?

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