Is This the HTC One Everyone Has Been Waiting For?

HTC launched the One X and One X+ last year. Despite great specs and a truly industrial device, the devices never became mainstream market hits thanks to aggressive marketing that Samsung did for the SIII and later the Note II. The HTC phones are very closely comparable to the Samsung devices to hold the true flagship position when it comes to Android devices, but the One X and later One X+ just seemed to fall short at that very last hurdle. However, HTC are hosting an event on February 19th where it plans to show case it’s latest smart phone which would be it’s new flagship device.


The device was code named HTC M7 but according to the reports coming in it would be called the HTC One. We have been hearing loads of rumors about the device, but its existence was pretty much confirmed when Peter Chou of HTC in a drunk state went on to scream the name of the device on stage. The video was taken down after a while, but it did confirm the arrival of the latest and greatest from HTC. There has also been a special countdown added on HTC website here to the event which would mark the first device of the year from one of the major players in the mobile world.

Not too much is known about the device yet apart from the fact that it would be running the HTC Sense version 5.0 which would be the biggest jump so far in terms of a completely refreshed UI. Also, we can be sure that the screen would be a true HD one and the device would be sporting a quad core processor and a good camera. So far though, most of the publicity has been generated by how the device looks like. HTC have always been a leading player when it comes to designing their products. And seems like the One would be yet another killer device. It looks startlingly similar to an iPhone 5 or even the Z10 from Blackberry. Would this be the final design we see on the stage, guess the 19th can not come soon enough.

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