Is This The iPhone 5S Back Panel?

iPhone 5 has been a success across the globe even though it has not been released in a fair few countries. Yet, the people are so curious to use the device that they do not mind paying the premium and importing the device for an amount much higher than what Apple are selling it for. But the funny bit is, iPhone 5 is barely a month old into sale and people are already speculating about the next smart phone from Apple. And going by the way Apple usually goes about their product line, we can safely assume that the next phone from Apple would be the Apple iPhone 5S. And speculations have already started what new will the device bring with it.

The latest news we have is that the back of the iPhone 5S has been leaked out. It does not look any much different from the back panel of the iPhone 5 unless you look really closely. Allegedly there has been a change in the way the fastening screws have been placed inside the panel. Apart from that there are no real significant changes and from the back to naked eye the two devices look absolutely the same, pretty much how iPhone 3G and 3GS looked. The glass part at the top and bottom look exactly the same and so does even what is written on the back of the device, there is no IMEI behind.

We are not entirely sure if this is indeed is the new iPhone, especially given the fact that it iPhone 5 is relatively new only. Nevertheless, the rumor mills are just getting started, so what according to you will the next iPhone bring? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo

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