Is This The New Contacts App For BlackBerry 10?

We have bought for you plenty of videos and coverage of the reported new Blackberry OS slated to be named the Blackberry OS 10. It pretty much is the last ray of hope for Blackberry in terms of finding its place back amongst the market shares. However, so far the news has been quite slow about what exactly will be new in the OS. However, it does seem like things are moving on rather swiftly now as demonstrated by this image published on Crackberry.

Yes, what you see above may well be the new contacts application from the Blackberry OS 10. There are a lot of things worth noticing here. The first and most important one is that the application finally looks somewhat capable to compete with the likes of Android and WP7 in terms of UI. Blackberry had an extremely boring and a very basic contacts application so far. However, this one looks really well worked around and pretty intuitive too.

Now we ave never seen the contacts app of the new Blackberry OS, even in the video demos, so we can not for certainty tell if this would be the final UI or not, but it does look like the application will have some sort of space for your favorite or most recently contacted friends on top and then followed by the standard Alphabetical lists of contacts. It is anybody’s guess how many more changes does Blackberry plan to do to the app before it is released with the OS, but those initial reactions seeing this image are very positive. The BB OS 10 seems to be taking a lot more appealing to eye approach to their UI and that is definitely a big plus as far as predicting whether it would be a success is concerned.

What are your views on this Contacts screen on the BB OS 10, what do you expect from it. Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: Crackberry

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