Is This The New Google Nexus Asus 7 Android Tablet?

It has been the worst kept secret since we saw those benchmark scores that Google alongside Asus are planning to launch a new tablet of about 7 inches in the upcoming Google I/O event. However, despite knowing all the specs and the scores of the tablets from various benchmark tests, no image till date has been leaked about the tablet. It is only a matter of few days till we see the tablet unveiled. We expect the tablet to be one of the lower range tablets with good specs and set you back by about $200.

However, recently Picasa was the leaking ground for the image of this tablet, and here it is for you:


It does confirm to us that the table would indeed be unveiled at the Google I/O and will rock the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. This definitely ensures to us that the Nexus tablet has an extremely high probability to be counted as a winner since the completion in that price range is pretty low and the tabs that exist are no where near as good specs wise as the Nexus Tab is rumored to be.

So what are your expectations from the tablet and do you like what you see from the image? Do drop your comments in the section below.

Via: Technobuffalo