Is This The New Macbook Pro Specs Sheet?

Apple’s yearly conference, the WWDC is just around the corner. A lot has already been made out about what could be on the show from June 11th to the 15th of June. However, most experts agree on the fact that we just might be seeing the new Operating system that is iOS 6 in beta for the iPhone and iPad and a whole new range of Mac devices. These macbooks, both Air and Pro are expected to be launched with the Retina display. However, BGR have published an image that just might be the specs sheet of the new laptops from  Apple. The specs sure shot look extremely impressive but there is no mention of the Retina Display. Here is the specs sheet for you to judge:

We have no clue how authentic this is or if these are the real specs, but seeing how fast things are leaking out of Apple, first the iPhone specs and now this, you just may tend to believe this is the  real deal. So what do you make from it? Do let us know.

Via: BGR

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