Is this the new Motorola Moto X?

Motorola is set to announce the next lineup of devices on July 28th here in India. The press invite specifically points towards the fact that there would be a refresh in both, the Moto X and Moto G devices. We have seen some leaked shots of the Moto G in the past few days and it does look like we have the first shots in of the Moto X 2015 edition as well. It must be said that the device has not undergone a drastic redesign, if we are to go by the leaked shots as it seems more of an upgrade than anything else.


The images leaked out show similar front facing speaks liek that on the Motorola Moto X 2014, though you do have the Motorola logo now on the top left corner as well as a front facing flash. Few other images have leaked out of the back of the device which shows a textured back, giving indication that the device will be available in multiple back panel options like the case has been with all Motorola Moto X devices.


It has also been reported that the device will come with a finger-print scanner on the front of the device, though it is pretty much next to impossible to see where the same would be fit. The Motorola dimple has definitely regressed in the size and the phone looks very much to be a part of the family of device that allegedly is the Motorola Moto G from the leaked images.


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