Is This The New Skype Interface?

Skype is one of the major services of Microsoft out in the market today. Apart from the Windows range of OS and WP 7, you would be right to believe that Skype is probably the biggest offering coming from the giants of PC World. However with the impeding arrival of Windows 8 in the October region of time, plenty of these services are getting a face lift to go along with the famous Metro UI of  Windows 8. Hotmail was the first one in line when they were upgraded to the new Outlook look that is now open for the public. Seems like after Hotmail, Skype is all set to be the next one in line to get a significant change in the Interface. Here are the pictures of what Skype would be when running on Windows 8.

Honestly speaking, the UI of the application looks incredibly close to the interface of Skype application that is currently in the market for the Windows Phone 7.5 mobile edition. However, due to lack of front facing camera in plenty of these WP 7.5 devices we are not quite sure if the calling screen would be the same too. However, the screenshot looks really close to what might be the final deal given Microsoft’s attempt to vertically integrate all their desktop and mobile platforms.

Via: Technobuffalo

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