Is This the Samsung Galaxy Note III?

Amidst all the accusations that Samsung just copies out stuff from leading players such as Nokia and Apple and contribute very little to the innovation side of things in tech, one thing Samsung can take credit for introducing in the market, is a section of devices called Phablets when it launched the note I. Yes, a lot of people in the know of technology, expressed a deep sense of displeasure and animosity towards the device, but fact of the matter is surprisingly the Note I and other phablets did great in the market. Note I was followed by Note II which was a bigger hit. So, if logic is anything to go by, you must believe that Note III will be a hit too.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3_rumored leak

The first set of leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note III have started surfacing and we must admit that we have our reservations about the authenticity of the image. Primarily because the design of the device looks more like taken from day an age of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Since then, Samsung has gone with a more rounded corners of the device and this image shows a distinct flat and sharp edges.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is not expected to be announced till IFA 2013 and may well sport a 6 inch unbreakable Super AMOLED display, first of it’s kinds. We do not take the credibility of this image very seriously, and request al the readers to wait a little longer to know the exact specs as well as authentic screenshots of the Note III.

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