Is this the Sony Xperia Z1 successor?

It finally feels like 2014 is here. New device leaks are coming thick and fast, and obviously most of the major OEMs would now have their flagship devices out as refreshes. Several of these happen around MWC and it would not be a major shock to see the trend continue this year like previously. Recently we talked about the successor of the HTC One and today here is the opportunity to look at what may well be the flagship or successor to yet another vastly successful smartphone last year. Yes, we are talking about the Sony Xperia Z1’s alleged successor this year.

Sony announced the Z1 compact at the CES 2014 and promised it has big plans coming up. For a vast majority of the tech world, the Z1 compact was the perfect smartphone as it came in a form factor that was not just pretty but also very handy and comfortable to use. The alleged leaks of the Z1’s successor though is based on similar design language that Sony adapted with the Z1. The images found in the XDA forums, show a rather few interesting add ons to the design that was widely appreciated last year.


The phone has three speaker holes towards the bottom with the headset jack. The micro USB lives on the left of the phone just above the SIM tray. The other buttons such as the power, volume and the camera shutter button retain their positions like that on the Z1. However, there is a chance that the phone may just be a very refined version of a prototype being manufactured. According to the leaks, the phone may well have a 20 MP sensor alongside Android 4.3 which would be upgraded to 4.4. If this indeed is the real deal, then, you certainly can see where Sony is going with their devices and with more and more emphasis now on good build quality, the successor of the Z1 certainly fits the billing.

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