Is Twitter Testing an Official App for Google Glass?

Google Glass is one of those products that divide opinions even though it is not out for retail sale yet. Some people call it a mere gimmick while others, yes we are talking about Robert Scoble, cannot take their device off. Whatever is your opinion, one thing you cannot deny Glass is that it is the first step towards wearable computers and things will only go up from here. And seems like lot of people are ready to jump on the bandwagon of Google Glass.

Popular social network, Twitter is already reportedly testing out a dedicated Twitter app for Glass. Nobody is really sure how things would work here, but the popular guess is that you would be able to share the images that you take with your glass right to your Twitter account. Here is an image that was leaked out as a sample image, and it clearly states the tweet was sent via Glass. Also, the account has since been deleted which pretty obviously points out to the fact that something has leaked out, by mistake or intentionally.


A Twitter app from Glass still sounds a little odd as we are not exactly sure if you can run through your Timeline on Glass, but maybe it would support just your notifications or tell you when someone mentions you or follows you or other such activities. The little experiment for now sounds pretty interesting but we do expect more features available when or if Twitter does arrive on Glass.

Via: Android Central

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