Is WhatsApp Getting Ready For a New Design And Video Calling?

WhatsApp may well be teh most popular IM solutioon out there, but it definitely is not known for being the first one for bringing in new features. The likes of Hike or WeChat or even Telegram sometimes does things faster than WhatsApp and innovates on features. WhatsApp is generally known to take a lot of time in order to come up with what you may arguably say, the best implementation of these features. One such feature that we have known for a while that WhatsApp is thinking hard about is Video Calling. The likes of Skype and Viber, have already got the feature and are being used extensively by the people.


It is being muted that Whatsapp is already internally testing the new Video Calling feature in the app and the version number being used internally is v2.12.16.2. Not just that, it looks like WhatsApp may well be working on a redesign of the app too. Currently, when you get a voice call, the greens are a little subdued and the screen is in general a little more solid. Looks like it would be a little more translucent in the new design.

Just like other popular VoIP services, you will have the option of chatting with either the front or the back camera. The camera footage will be visible to you too in a small square box, which we presume is dependent upon the user, for positioning. We are not entirely sure how soon will WhatsApp release the feature given that they like to take their own sweet time when it comes to rolling out features, but you would expect that by Quarter 1 at most of 2016, we would have video calling on WhatsApp.

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