IsoPlex Allows you to Stream Torrents of Films instead of having to Download them

If you are into watching films online instead of theatres, chances are you download the films using torrents. While this is not the right way to go about it, and at Blogtechnika we feel very strongly against piracy and its use, we understand why there is a demand for such content. However, downloading content means that you will have to wait for it to be complete before you can watch the movie and most of the time we do not have that much patience.


This is where IsoPlex comes in to the frame. You can download IsoPlex for both Mac as well as Windows. It is very similar to Popcorn player and basically streams the torrent for you to watch it instead of having to wait for it to download. The service is not as comprehensive as popcorn player, and we found that the number of titles are a few short. Yet, some of the latest flicks such as Edge of Tomorrow and X:Men- The days of the future past are present and that is good news.

Using the application is really simple, you have to download it from the website and then search and play your favorite movie. Unfortunately, the service does not have any TV shows yet. You can watch the videos in three different qualities, including HD. There are however, more than a million movies to keep you engaged. Introducing itself, this is what IsoPlex wrote about themselves on their website:

It’s an application for your PC or Mac where you can find and stream your favorite movies with no need to download them to your hard drive! It works completely standalone, without torrent clients or other additional software. You don’t need to keep any huge movie files on your computer!

Download IsoPlex for Windows, Mac or Linux from here

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