It Could be Possible to Charge your Smartphone Within 30 Seconds Flat by 2013

While smartphones have come leaps and bounds in terms of technology at the heart of them and actually left behind a lot of desktops or laptops, one aspect has not really seen the rapid advancements that we have come to expect. Yes, we are alluding to the poor battery life of smartphones today. Other than a few exceptions, such as the iPhone 6 Plus or the Motorola Droid Maxx in the years gone by, most of the devices have been classified to have a decent battery backup if they can last 24 hours.


While that may not be enough of a backup, it is the recharging that takes up to anywhere between two to five hours, from zero to full that can be frustrating. But, what if you could charge your phone fully within 30 seconds? This is exactly what is the idea of a Tel-Aviv based company called StoreDot. They have developed a battery that is capable of charging fully within 30 seconds of being connected to a charger. A prototype of the charger is being used, but the battery is too thick to be used in the slim modern day smartphones. This feat of charging within 30 seconds has been achieved using NanoDots which basically are bio-organic peptide molecules.

If things go to plan, it is possible that the first smartphone with these batteries could start shipping as early as 2016, given the entire project is in fact sponsored by a leading phone manufacturer. StoreDot also believes, it can bring a similar technology to car batteries, where it would just take two to three minutes for a full charge.

Via: XDA

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