It Has Been An Year Now

Hello everybody.

Today’s post is no where near relevant to the world of Technology. So, in case you expected the announcement of a new phone or a new Cydia tweak, am sorry to have disappointed you. I firmly believe in keeping my personal life and professional life separate. However, today’s event has forced me to having mix the two. It is an emotional day for me as it has been one complete year since I first posted an article on Blogtechnika. 365 days, 250+ articles posted, it has been an amazing journey. So, invariably it calls out for a lot of smiles and lots of Thank yous.

The biggest thanks goes out to the site Admin Himanshu, for he has been the guiding light and my mentor in the world of Tech reviewing which I so proudly call my own. Thank you so much sir for the faith and undeniable trust.For telling me what’s right and whats wrong and most importantly teaching me how to take one step at a time. Also, a huge thanks to my entire team Bharat, Achint, Prateek, Shreyas, Arpit Roy and  Gaurav Awal. Continuous arguments and endless discussions with you guys has only made me better, stronger and more informed about platforms and Operating Systems which I deemed to be not so good. I could never have asked for a more cooperative, fun to be with and helpful team. Cheers guys for making this one year go away in the blink of an eye. A very special thanks to my brother Vidit for he taught me to take risks. If it was not for him, i’d never have taken a chance with things like rooting, customizing endless ROM’s, playing with kernels and bootloaders which only helped me become a more rounded tech reviewer. And most importantly for always bailing me out when the devices started giving up on me.

A lot of people would probably not know I am mentioning them here because we grew apart due to time, but their role in me developing an interest in writing about technology can never be ignored. My mentor, and till date my best critic and yet one of my biggest motivators, Upasana ma’am. Ma’am you have always been the one i have looked up to when it came to writing spontaneously and crisply. Thank you for always correcting me and helping to improve my language. To, all my friends, who had some great advices to give and came up with various topics of posts which i never could imagine, Prashant for all his enthusiasm about gadgets, Siddhant for always telling me a new ROM to review, Padmaja for reading most of the articles and despite everything encouraging me. Also, it calls that I thank the people I have looked upto in the industry. I doubt they would read this but without them around, I doubt I would have been able to do justice to my work. Jon Rettinger, Noah Kravitz, Jon Quach, Trentton Smith, Stevie Leigh, Aaron Baker, Steve Litchfield, your enthusiasm for technology is infectious. Not to forget, all you readers cause it’s because of you our world goes round. So thank you so much for all your time.

To close it I could not thank enough people who have nothing to do with technology but everything to do with me personally. My wonderful family that served me endless lunches and dinners on my desk when I was working on a difficult post and tolerating my tantrums because a review was not coming down well. To my mom, dad and sister who always have encouraged me and loved me unconditionally and promising me a grand dinner on this emotional occasion. And at last to someone whom I lost long ago, you know who you are, and there is nothing I can ever say to thank you, just that I love you the most and I know you are smiling from far away.

So, that was a huge list of thank you’s. It has been a slightly different post on Blogtechnika, one which probably most people would not like or be interested in, but I guess I am allowed once in an year to express my heartfelt feelings. It has been the best journey of my life so far, and I hope the second year would be even better. I am already super excited especially because we have some great video reviews, tutorials and app reviews lined  up for you. For all your tech needs, please keep visiting us at

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