It is Confirmed That LG G5 Will Be Powered by Snapdragon 820

LG’s G5 will be one of the first devices to come with the flagship new chipset from Snapdragon, called the Snapdragon 820. There have been rumors that along with the LG G5, a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the Xiaomi Mi5 will sport the same SoC.

However, Qualcomm has taken to their social media profile on Twitter to confirm that the Snapdragon 820 would officially be debuting with the LG G5. There is no mention of the Xiaomi Mi5 or the Galaxy S7 there, despite all the three launches being on the same day that is 21st February. This begs the question that perhaps the Galaxy S7 will stick to an Exynos chipset while the Mi5 could  hold back and use a more polished version of the Snapdragon 810 chipset. Qualcomm has come under a decent chunk of criticism for overheating and the brunt is usually faced by the first partners, like HTC did for the HTC M9 last year in the case of Snapdragon 810. LG sat back and went with the next in line Snapdragon 808 on its flagship device, the LG G4 but this year the story seems a little different.

The LG G5 is expected to be launched on Feb 21st and feature a 5.3 inch Quad HD panel with 4 GB RAM and a dual setup of 15 MP rear cameras.

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