It is Easier Than Ever to Find your Android Phone by Simply Typing out into Google

We have all had that mini heart attack moment, where we have lost the track of where our smartphone is. It could just be around the corner or in our bag, but simply the thought of losing our smartphone is the worst possible thought given how private and important our phones have become today. The device which we are sure will accompany us to our deathbed, is absolutely necessary to be right in the vicinity of our eyes, and if it is not, we are pretty sure someone has stolen it, enough to send our heartbeats racing past the speed of a F1 car.

Find My Phone

To make sure you are not suffering this, Google has come up with a solution where you simply need to type in ‘Find My Phone’ in the search bar and you will be taken to a map with your Android phone’s latest location mapped. This is very much integrating the Android Device Manager into Google search queries and therefore you also get the chance to quickly make a ring to your device, so in case you have it on silent and cannot locate it, there is enough happening here for you to find your device and let that heartbeat settle. Not just this, if you fear a malicious activity, you can lock as well as erase your device, right from this only. Pretty awesome, right?

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