It’s Apple Watch Day Today: Here is How you can Watch it

Apple is all set to roll out the Apple Watch today in San Francisco. Last week, Apple had issued invites to the selected media which alluded to a press conference in San Francisco, starting at 10 AM local time in SF. While the invite did not clearly mention anything about the watch, nor were there any signs for us to act the cryptographers, it is fairly sure, after Tim Cook’s announcement that the Apple Watch will start retailing sometime in April, that this is finally the event where we get to know specifics of the watch such as all the form factors, final pricing, battery and other specs.

Apple Invite

Not just this, we also expect iOS 8.1 to be rolled out today with minor changes as well as perhaps a brand new Retina Macbook Air 12 inches, though we are not holding our breaths just as yet on that one. Expect a fair few demos on the watch of apps that run seamlessly during the show.

We know you would love to watch the event, and you would be able to do so if you own any Apple device including an iPad, iPhone or a Macbook. On your Mac you will need to be on the Safari browser and go to the Apple Live page, right here to enjoy the live stream. You can add the event to your calendar right from the site.

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