iTuner: An iTunes Manager app for Windows

iTuner is an app that has some essential tools that iTunes itself doesn’t have but are necessary for a media player. It attaches itself to the system tray and monitors your playlists accordingly. iTuner comes with an interface which is meant to be operated from the system tray and you can navigate through the iTunes library easily with this app.


iTuner comes in an installation file. Install the app and run the exe file. When the app is run, iTunes is automatically started. You can play, pause, proceed to the next track,set shuffle on/off, open the iTunes window, rate your songs and even control the volume from this app. iTuner is a light utility which, even though it attaches itself to the startup menu, will not use much of your computer’s resources.


You can even set hotkeys with the app. Select the operation whose hotkey you want to edit and change the keyboard shortcut. You can then operate iTunes using these shortcuts. You don’t have to always maximize the iTunes window to change the track or pause it. Simply use the keyboard shortcuts to do that.

iTuner also runs a number of tasks like checking for duplicate tracks, checking for dead or deleted tracks and even monitors the iTunes folders for changes to make sure iTunes is up to date with your music folders and changes made to them.

Download iTuner.

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  1. Just discovered this app and I love it so far. I like that you’ve enabled rating songs via clicking the tray icon and then the stars, but song rating via shortcut is literally the one capability I was seeking when I found this. Do you think you could add ratings shortcuts to the hotkeys menu? Thanks!

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