iTunes Genius: Macintosh Music Genius At Your Assistance

If you are a music freak then it is quite obvious that iTunes must be your favourite place to hunt on your MacBook. iTunes is absolutely a near perfect software which takes the magic of music to the next level. iTunes has a lot of features which makes it numero uno in the world of music. iTunes Genius is one such feature. In this post I have made an effort to describe this brilliant applications.

iTunes genius – A part of iTunes which provides three main features: creating playlists from your existing library, creating genre-specific mixes and suggesting new music as per your favourite numbers in your library. Genius works on the basis of sharing iTunes library by users like the songs in library, playcounts, star ratings, etc. This information is then compiled into a database of all iTunes Genius users by Apple to discover relationships between songs, artists, and musical tastes. With this enormous set of data, Genius automatically groups and recommends music based on your tastes and preferences to you.

Genius Playlists

This feature has been designed in such a way that it creates the playlists of songs automatically which are already existing in your librar, which sound good together. You just have to select one song to begin the playlist, then the Genius starts its work by building a playlist of all the complementary songs from your iTunes library. Reminding you, this very different and more involved process as it just not only sort the songs but also puts them in the correct and suitable order, the way they will sound fabulous together.

Genius Mixes

Genius Mixes may share a little bit of similarity with Playlists, but they group the songs based on genre or theme rather than a beginning song provided by the user. It again accesses the Genius database of your songs to create mixes that will sound amazing together.

Using Genius to Discover New Music

This is an advanced feature of Genius and its functionality to quite similar to Pandora. This feature works in a unique way by suggesting music or bands to you that you may like, as it has the access to your shared information. So, Genius is quite generous keeping in consideration your choice. Adding to it, it also integrates with iTunes Store to help you to buy the new music.

So all you are one click away from having fun with iTunes. Turn on your Genius and get ready for the party or like they say partaaaaaayy. For any more assistance feel free to fill the comments section below.

 An extended thanks to Ms. Devyani Kapoor for her insights without which this post would not be complete.

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