iWatch to have a Curved Display and will Communicate to the iPhone 6 via NFC

There have been very few products which have been anticipated as much as the iWatch from Apple. The device is expected to take the lead and usher us into an era where wearables are acceptable without them looking like computers strapped on the wrist. We all expect the iWatch to do what basically, the iPhone did to the smartphone market all those years ago. And the remarkable thing is, even in this day and age, where there are no secrets, nobody has a clue other than those Apple employees working on it, of how the Apple iWatch will look like.


The New York Times though while anticipating the release of the iWatch have revealed that they expect the device to have a curved display, a bit like the recent Gear S that we saw from Samsung and also to come with NFC on board which would help pair the device to the next gen iPhone, called the iPhone 6 for communication. It would be via NFC that you would receive your notifications as well as other alerts on your wrist, if the report is to go by. The report also states that the iWatch will come with some sort of wireless charging to help you reduce the burden of carrying around multiple chargers.

It is expected that the iWatch would come in two different sizes and configuration, most likely one for males and the other for the females. The fact that these details were revealed by the nYT days before the launch definitely make us believe there is an element of truth in it. Guess we will eventually found out all on 9th September.


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