iWeb: Create Your Own Website On Your Mac

iWeb is the easiest way to create and publish captivating websites. You will see, what each webpage will look like as you will work on it.You don’t have to know anything about programming or web-authoring languages such as HTML etc. The collection of templates that comes with iWeb provide an elegant starting point for any website. You can add blogs, photos, podcasts,  text, graphics and much more to you website.Here we tell you in brief about the art of making a website easily on your Mac.

1)Open your iWeb from dock or applications. Choose the template of your choice. iWeb provides templates designed for specific categories of webpages. For example, the Photos templates contain placeholders for photos and captions. By using the iWeb templates, you can create an attractive webpage without having to do any design work.

2)The iWeb Toolbar at the bottom of the iWeb window gives you one-click access to many of the actions you’ll perform as you create webpages. The inspectors make it easy to perform many tasks in iWeb.To open the Inspector window. Click the Inspector button in the toolbar (or choose View > Show Inspector). There you will find all the options to edit the website as per your tastes.

3) Adding text to your website: Each template contains text boxes, with placeholder text, for different elements on the page. If you click the text, the entire text box is selected and selection handles appear. You can drag the text box to reposition it, and you can re size it by dragging a handle.

4) Adding photos: iWeb provides special templates for pages that contain mainly photos instead of text. The Photos templates include a photo grid that automatically sizes and positions each photo as you add it, and provides a placeholder caption for each photo. The Photos templates also include a Start Slideshow button that your visitors can click to view your photos as a slideshow.

5) Adding blogs: iWeb provides two kinds of blog templates- blog and podcast. You can add multimedia content (podcast, audio, video) to both.

6) Organizing your website: iWeb automatically creates a navigation menu—a table of contents that appears on every page of your website. You can click a page title in the navigation menu to go to that page.You determine the order of items in the navigation menu by rearranging pages in the iWeb site organizer.

7) When you add a new website or webpage, iWeb gives it a default name; you can rename it at any time .Double-click the name in the site organizer and type the new name. If you hear a beep, you can’t use the character you typed.

So, this is how you can create your website with so much of ease in iWeb. Now if you have any idea regarding anything of your interest and you want to make a website, iWeb is at your service, saving your time. We have made a small effort to give you an overview of how a website is made in iWeb. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

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