iWeb: Publish Your Website On The Internet

In the previous post, we have made you quite knowledgable how to create a website using this wonderful application.In this post, you’ll publish your website to .Mac so that others can visit your site.To publish your site to .Mac, you must have at least a free trial .Mac membership. You (and others) can access your iWeb website until the trial period expires; as soon as you become a .Mac member, you can publish your site site again. To get a free or full .Mac membership, you can visit www.mac.com.

To publish your website to .Mac:

Click Publish (or choose File > Publish to .Mac).

When you see the message that your site has been published, you can go to the site (in your web browser) by clicking Visit Page Now. To send an email notifying people about your website, click Announce.When you publish your website to .Mac, anyone who has access to the Internet can visit your site. People who know the URL can go directly to your website, or your website might appear as a search result (someone searching for your name on the Internet might find your website, for example). If you don’t want your website to be visible to just anyone on the Internet, you can set up your website so that only people who know the user name and password can visit it.

To make your site visible only to visitors who know the user name and password:

  • If the Site Inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar (or choose View > Show Inspector), and then click the Site Inspector button.
  • Click Password.
  • Select the “Make my published site private” checkbox.
  • Type a user name and password in the fields.

Everyone to whom you want to allow access to your site uses the same user name and password.

Don’t enter your .Mac user name and password; create a name and password that would be hard to guess (they don’t have to be real words, but could be a combination of letters and numbers).

Publish your website by clicking the Publish button.

When you click Announce, the email message includes the user name and password you specified.

If you belong to a .Mac group, you can also publish a site so that only group members can see it. For instructions, see “Publishing a site to a .Mac group” in iWeb Help.

If you don’t publish to .Mac, you can also publish your website to a folder on your computer so that you can upload it to a server. For instructions, see “Publishing a site to a server instead of to .Mac” in iWeb Help.

Congratulations! You have completed the process of publishing your site on web.

You will probably want to further customize your website content, add more photos and other graphics, and include special elements such as an automatic visitor counter. As you get more comfortable with iWeb, you might want to include other templates on your website.

We have made an effort to help with making your own site with less efforts. If you have any queries, drop your comments below and we will surely get back to you.

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