Jasmine: The Perfect Alternate to Youtube on iPad

It was a controversial move by Apple when it discarded Maps and Youtube both from the latest released iOS 6, thus cutting out the two most important Google Apps from their ecosystem. Yet, Google did launch a dedicated Youtube application, but it was met with a lot of feeling of un-satisfaction. The result of this has been that your iPad’s mainly have been devoid of the most amazing video encyclopedia that is Youtube. This is indeed a blow for the people who used their iPad’s large pretty screen to watch videos from Youtube. If you are one of them, then we have the perfect alternative app fro you that would bring the experience of Youtube back on your iPad.

Jasmine for iPad is as perfect an alternative to Youtube as you can ask for. It is available for free from the App store and pretty much brings back all the features of the old native Youtube application. The UI is extremely easy and simple to use. You can go and log in to your Youtube account, which would bring out the entire subscription list that you have. You can also change the theme to a night theme which would have darker backgrounds and not throw too much light in case you are watching the videos in bed at night. You can also play around with the playback setting as there is an option to add a rewind button which is great.

You also get the entire recently played video list, which is great. You can add comments as well as share videos across other social network platforms. Thereis alsosupport for Airplay. In short it is a proper full fledged Youtube application how it should really be. You can also invest in a pro version in case you want other features such as parental control which puts restriction to the content of Youtube. We highly recommend you this app, in fact it is a must to have on your iPad. Here is the download link:

Apple Store

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