Jawoco is a Search Engine for Social Network Sites

Jawoco is a search engine which allows users to search for anything on the internet, but what separates Jawoco from other search engines is that it displays results which are in relation with social networking sites like Facebook  and Twitter. All the results that are displayed on the website are those which have some connection with these social networking websites so you can tweet or share these websites directly from the search engine itself.


The search results in Jawoco are always in relation to websites like Facebook and Twitter. So whatever results you get, you can also get recommendations and Tweets related to the search that you have made and you can also share your views from the website directly by sharing the website or tweeting. You can even personally share the results or a single link with any of your friends. Just click on the “Share via e-mail” button, enter your e-mail address as well as the recipient’s e-mail address to share links directly with them. The website also has an instant look button for each link which you can use to preview a website without leaving the search results page. when you click on the Instant Look button, the link can be viewed in a window on the page so you will never really be required to leave the page until you find exactly what you are looking for.

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