JetClean is Affective Registry Cleaner For Your Windows Computer

There are many tools available on the internet that help users to clean up their registries or uninstall programs like CCleaner, Slim cleaner etc. JetClean is another such tool that is lightweight and fast and easy to use. You can give your PC that fresh new feeling again with this tool which can help remove all the clutter and unnecessary files that are preventing your computer from running at full performance.


JetClean comes with a registry cleaner as well as an uninstaller, a defragmenter, internet booster and a system information displayer. All this is available in one single app. So this is quite a nice tool to have on your computer considering how light it is.

1.To clean up files from your registry, remember to first backup your files and then do clean your computer using this app. You can start cleaning simply by clicking on the Scan Now button. But you can also customize what all scans you want the app to perform and can select or deselect what all you want the app to clean. If you don’t want the app to be meddling with your Windows system files, then uncheck the Windows Clean option in the 1-clicks tab. Then the app will scan and clean all the unnecessary files on your computer without touching your system files.

2. JetClean also comes with an uninstaller which you can use to remove all your unwanted programs.

3. You can view you system information directly from this tool. It gives a detailed view of all the components of your system.

4. JetClean also comes with a startup optimizer where you can enable or disable the apps you want or don’t want at startup to reduce you boot times.

5. JetClean also has a registry defragmenter that will defrag your registry to speed up your system.

6. An internet booster is also a part of this app where the app will clean all your unwanted cookies and history files to speed up your browsing speed.

Download JetClean.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this software. Currently JetClean is still in its first beta version and there’re many improvements to be made. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. BlueSpirg team appreciates any feedbacks and suggestions! Thank you very much!

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