JoliCloud OS Is A Wonderful Alternate To Chrome OS

Let’s face it, one of the best things about Technology is playing around with new stuff and ability to get an alternate to everything possible. Windows has probably been the single most important OS broadly speaking software ever made. There are few alternatives when it comes to choosing what to get if not windows, but off late various OS from Linux like Ubuntu and Fedora have become very popular. But Linux is for hardcore geeks and not the most User Friendly, so it boils down to either using Google’s Chrome OS which honestly has not been as good as anticipated and a few other names that are pretty much unheard of if you are not a hardcore Tech-man. One such name is JoliCloud OS and trust me it I really awesome. In lot of ways, it is what Chrome OS was aiming for. A very ligght and really quick OS with Web Apps.

I honestly came across JoliCloud more by accident thanks to the habit of always searching for something new. And I have been really impressed. It is light, its really fast and it has an application for all your needs. If you are running a netbook and are facing problems of slow speed then this is a great solution. The only downside to the OS is the fact that it is web based so if you do not have a 24 hour working net connection then there is very little you can do with it. There are about 1,088 web applications available to suit all your needs. If you have used Google’s famed browser Chrome, then you would definitely know what web Apps are. They are applications which run on the internet instead of getting installed on your hard disk, which definitely saves memoy as well as space on your laptop thus making it really fast and comfortable to use.

Some of the applications I played around were facebook, gmail, twitter, youtube, live office and google documents etc. and they pretty much incorporated all the features that any normal application on the HD would have. The live Office particularly was very good and intuitive and infact the post is written completely using the live office, and don’t believe? Then well, here is the screen shot to prove you all;)

It is definitely a very easy to use OS if you do not want to be bothered about codes and various such things. One more good thing is the fact there is nothing much wrong you can do and that you can access all your windows files right from inside the OS so you can still watch the movies and listen to the songs you had  downloaded while using the older OS.

So far I have really enjoyed my time with Jolicloud and took very little to get used to. I definitely recommend you to give this a shot as it may well be your new favorite OS if web surfing and reading are all you do on your laptop. Very iPad-isque experience i must say.

To download the OS please visit this page.

How was your experience using JoliCloud? Do let us know!

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