Jpeg View is a Portable Image Viewer for Windows

Jpeg View is a portable app for Windows that allows users to view as well as edit images easily as you go. There is no installation required as it is a portable app. Jpeg View contains advanced editing options right from the viewing screen to help you edit images to your satisfaction.

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The app comes in a zip file. Simply extract the files on to your hard drive and run the exe file. Jpeg view will then request you to locate and select an image file to view and edit. Select an image and you can view the image in either full screen or windowed mode.

The various editing options like color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness etc. can be found by just moving your cursor to the bottom of the Jpeg View window. From there, you can perform basic edits to your image to increase the quality of the image.

Whenever you move the cursor anywhere when the image is open in Jpeg View, you can view the menu from where you can select how you want to view the image with options for rotating the image, viewing in full screen mode, Viewing the image in its original size etc.

Jpeg View offers a lot of options for a portable image viewing app and with such ease.

Download Jpeg View here

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