Karbonn to bring Dual Boot Windows Windows in the Market

In a sea of budget Android device manufacturers, it is a challenge to stand out. While most of the players are playing the game of price being the point of distinction, very few are actually ready to bet on their innovation to be the differentiator in this game. For Karbonn mobile though, it is very much a case of innovation stands out going forward though. After Microsoft had reduced the licensing prices for both it’s Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices, it was done keeping in mind that new OEM and partners would jump on board and Karbonn definitely is on board for the latter.


Karbonn, an Indian based OEM has announced that it working with Microsoft in bringing the world’s very first dual boot Android and Windows Phone device. It is not very clear yet which versions of Android and Windows Phone will the devices cost or what will be the price point of the device, the only confirmation is that in about six months period this device is set to hit the market.

The device will continue a trend started by the likes of Samsung and Acer which make dual boot Android and Windows 8 tablets. Although the adoption rates for these devices have not been very encouraging, it is not a bad move for Karbonn as it given them a distinctly different platform and product series to play around with unlike any other. HTC has been reported to be working upon a dual boot Android and WP device too, but looks like the Indian OEM has beaten the Taiwanese to the finishing line, at least here.

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