Karma is Your One Stop Shop to Know Online Reputation of a Person

We are living in a digital world dominated by digital characters. And sometimes it becomes imperative to find out a little bit more about these digital characters. It could simply be because of the fact that we want to interact with them on a regular basis or just need a quick background check before we indulge in them in some sort of a conversation or even monetary exchange on the likes of say Ebay.

Currently, it is convenient to simply go ahead and search for the person and stalk him around on Facebook or Twitter or even on the complaint forums to see the feedback though unless you read through the entire TL which is usually impossible, there is no way for you to gauge a quick assessment of a person. This is where Karma steps in. Karma is like Klot for Online Reputation. The way the platform works is that you are to plug in all the Social Media accounts of a person or a brand and the tool will then generate a Karma number or points based on the comments and the things that people have been talking about the person.

Karma- Connection

In the about section of the product it reads:

Karma collects, compiles, and analyzes your feedback and reviews from multiple supported sites and uses it to create a reputation score – your Karma Score. A Karma Score makes it easier for you to identify with whom you want to transact and vice versa. Worrying about selling your old items on Craigslist is now a thing of the past!

You can also vouch and give positive feedback about your friends or people you know and trust on Karma which ensures that the Karma score is not just an automatically calculated entity from a bunch of online reputation scores but also from realistic feedback that has been received from the friends or people you know.

You can check out the product right here.

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