Keep track of the Big Event Upcoming with 3-2-1 Countdown Widget

We all have that special event coming up on the horizon that we just cannot wait. We are busy making plans, perhaps even sweating out and checking the clocks to see how much time to we have left to get set. However,  would it not be cool to have a reminder siting right on the dashboard of your Android phone there standing, staring into your face and telling you that you are all that little bit closer to the big event?

3-2-1 Countdown Widget

If your answer is in affirmative, then 3-2-1 Countdown Widget is the perfect app to have on your Android phone. The app supports any Android phone which runs Android Gingerbread or above which is great news, so chances are unless you have an ancient Android phone, you will be able to run the app.

The app lets you add as many personal notes with colors of your choice, to help you remind of the big events that are coming up. The countdown contains, days, hours and minutes to the big day. The app although doesnt have great customizations, but you can set your note to help you distinguish one counter from the other. The best thing about the app is the fact it is extremely easy to use and available for absolutely free.

Download 3-2-1 Countdown Widget from here

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