Keyboard Gestures And Shortcuts You Must Know For a Mac

Macbook Pro surely is a notebook full of innovations. One of such fantastic elements present is the smooth and the interactive trackpad. Trackpad is the most natural way to access files, softwares, media etc on a notebook. MacbookPro comes with a versatile version of it. It surely does make one to fall for it as it is a Multi-touch trackpad. The other features which make working on mac the finest are the various keyboard shortcuts. Here are few to make your work easy.

Trackpad Gestures

1.Two finger swipe: You can scroll up and down in a window or document by using two fingers. Swiping your fingers up and down will take to the desired locations in the window.

2.Three finger swipe: Three-finger swiping lets you rapidly page through documents, move to the previous or next photo, and more.

3. Zooming: You can zoom in and out by pinching on the trackpad. You can zoom your pictures, documents, pdf files etc.

4. Rotate: You can rotate the images, files etc by using the two finger rotation as below.

5. Four finger swipe: With the help of this gesture you can prompt Expose which enables you to see all the open windows. By swiping four fingers left or right you can open the various applications on your mac.


Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Command-A: Select all items in the front Finder window (or desktop if no window is open)

2. Option-Command-A: Deselect all items

3. Shift-Command-A: Open the Applications folder

4. Command-C: Copy selected item/text to the Clipboard

5. Shift-Command-C: Open the Computer window

Here we have given you knowledge of few gestures and shortcuts. There are many more shortcuts available. We will surely get back to you with more next time. And in case there are any gestures or shortcuts that you want us to cover, do feel free to let us know. Do leave your comment in the section below.


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