Keynote: Captivate The Audience With Your Presentations on Mac

Keynote is a presentation software application that has been developed as a part of iWork which is similar to PowerPoint in MS office. Though powerpoint is a very good presentation making software but when it comes to keynote you can have the magician’s ability to leave your audience thunderstruck with the various amazing tools available in keynote. Making a presentation is not at all boredom when keynote is the interface. It is absolute fun while applying the themes, transitions, 3D objects, images etc. We would like to introduce you to its mai features.

1. User friendly from the beginning.

Don’t worry if you are using the keynote for the first time. When you open the keynote from the dock, a variety of attractive themes appear on the screen to be chosen by you. You are just a click away to choose your favourite one. Once the canvas is chosen, you can easily choose the format of your slides with the help of the option Masters from the format bar. You can insert images, 3D objects, graphs, pie charts, bar graphs and a variety of non-textual content.

2. Par excellent graphic tools.

Each slide you are adding to your presentation can be made to look the best using the inbuilt graphic tools in keynote. With the help of Alpha tool on the format bar, you can add or remove the background of the slide. With the option Mask, you can edit the image and mask it into a circle, star, etc. Keynote provides the user with the alignment option which places your images in the right position in the slide. So, don’t bother while putting any image in the slide, it will be precisely placed at its position.

3. 3D charts, animations and media.

You can insert 3D charts into your presentation very easily from the keynote toolbar at the top of your screen. Add 3D pie, bar, column, stacked bar etc to make the slides impressive. The 3D charts can be made to move on the slide which is surely going to leave an impact. The various animations can be added to them. With the help of Inspector you can do anything to your slides as per your wishes. Media files can also be easily added- audio, photos and movies. It supports all QuickTime formats(MPEG-2, DV etc).

4.Effects and transitions.

With the variety of transitions available Text, Object , 2D and 3D effects, you can keep your audience glued to the presentation. Text and object animations are a compelling way to punctuate your message. You can add effects to your slides, text , images, charts etc which is definitely going to impress your audience.

5.Present your show your way.

You can keep your presentation flowing smoothly with the Presenter Display feature. While your presentation appears on the main display for your audience, you can see the current and next slides, your slide notes, a clock, and a timer on a second display. With built in narration tool, keynote captures your time and audio voiceover, so your presentation can still go on if you are not present there. You can add Keynote Remote to your iPhone or iPod touch so that you roam around, as Keynote Remote turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless controller.

6.Amazingly compatible and awesomely sharing.

Your keynote has a big heart, presentation can be shared on web. All you need to do is  publish it to public beta and people reviewing it will receive an email with unique URL and can view slides and download the presentation, as per their requirement(Keynote, PowerPoint, PDF formats). You can export your presentation as QuickTime movie or a PDF, HTML, or image or even directly to youtube.

We have made an effort to introduce you to a marvelous presentation making software. Leave your comments and we will surely get back to you.

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