Kill Windows Processes Easily with ProcessKO

One of the major problems faced by computer users is the slowing down of the system due to processes running in the background on a computer. These processes take up a lot of the resources from your computer and gradually reduce the performance of the system. These processes can be seen in the task manager and can also be closed from there. But the default task manager can sometimes create a problem and not help us in the way we want. PorcessKO is a portable app that helps users to kill unused or unnecessary processes running in the background easily.

processko admin

It is a simple portable tool that helps users to kill processes that are running in the background and are slowing down the computers performance. Since it is a portable app, it requires no installation and can be run by simply extracting the files from the zip folder and running the exe file.

Once it is run, remember to accept the terms of agreement and then proceed.


To view the processes running on your computer, click on the instant KO button on top. There you can see all the processes running at the moment on your machine and can instantly kill the processes which you feel are not necessary. The app also allows users to set a timer for certain processes so that when the timer goes off, the program is automatically shut down.

Download ProcessKO.

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