This Kinect Hack Lets You Become Almost Invisible

Have you seen the famous movie “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. You must remember the “optical camouflage effect” due to which gives the feeling of presence of extra-terrestrial warrior in the jungle. If you are a Xbox Kinect fan then you can try the same effect at your home.

Check out this video made by Kinect hacker Takayuki Fukatsu. In this video you can see how he became almost invisible (except some transparent outline came due to the movement of his body).

The hacker made it using open source toolkit known as OpenFrameworks. According to Popsci, he used some filters to removes his body from the frame and replaces it with the background image. But the application of hack is still not clear.

According to Microsoft, Kinect is a device built for games. But seems like we will see endless new features in upcoming time in the computing field. Let’s wait and watch.

via PopSci

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