Knockr for Android allows you to Launch Apps without turning your Display On

One of the cool features of the HTC M8 is how much the device is capable of doing even when idle. Add in a dot cover and it gives you a quick review to your notifications like weather, time etc. Even without a dot cover, the device is able to launch apps with the help of gestures on the lock screen and that can be really handy as you do not have to unnecessarily waste time navigating within the device searching for your favorite applications.



However, as long as you have an AMOLED device such as Galaxy S5 or Note II/ Note III, you can replicate the exact feature using a third party application called Knockr. The app is really interesting and useful and with the help of some pre defined gestures, you can launch apps from the lockscreen without even having to turn the phone on. For now, you cannot create your own gestures but we hope that would come in sometime in the future.

Some of the gestures that are in built are as follows:

Double Tap: Double tap the screen to open any app you choose or unlock the screen (if passcode is turned off)

Swipe Up, Down, Left, Right: Users can set each Swipe to open a separate app or unlock the screen (if passcode is turned off)

Long Press: Long press the screen to open any app you choose or unlock the screen (if passcode is turned off)

Volume Up when in Landscape: Pressing the volume up button when the device is in Landscape will automatically open the camera

The main downside of the app is that it causes loads of wakelocks which means you will be hammering down the battery of your device pretty hard with the application and that is something you would want to be careful of. The app requires you to be on Android 4.1 and above to work.

Download Knockr for Android here


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