Know Your Email Count With Announcify

We all use our laptops and desktops for a lot of intensive work. We spend hours on end doing official work and things like designing. Also, it is rather well known that today email has become one of the medium of communication between the people over the web space. But in our work we usually forget to check an important email just because we are so engrossed working.


So, Announcify is a handy tools that gives you audible notification on the number of emails that are pending to be read in your in-box. It speaks out the number of emails in your folder that are unread so despite being very busy with work you remember to check the email. It is a wonderful utility that when installed keeps you updated with the number of emails.

It is a chrome based utility and you can check the email directly from the extensions and click on it for the announcement of emails. It keeps you from continuously having to check your in-box for new email. Here is a description line that really tells everything about this useful extension from the chrome store

ATTENTION: This extension could get on your nerves if you’re not checking your mails within 10 minutes. Either way, it does announcify mails again and again… and again… forever… and ever. Future updates will probably fix that.

Download Announcify Google Chrome Extension.

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