Kodak says goodbye to Cameras to focus on Printing

For most of us born anytime around the 80s and 90s, one name we have associated with cameras has been Kodak apart from Polaroid and Yashica. We grew up with Cameras with film and undoubtedly the good ones were these three. So, it is a rather sad news that Kodak is finally saying goodbye to the Camera business and shutting it down to focus more on it’s printing business.


For a while now, Kodak has been selling printers which print digital photographs and not just paper, and has had a decent base of customers already. However, the primary focus now of Kodak would be to print for corporate and enterprise houses. Bloomberg reports that Kodak is also planning to sell parts for tablets as well as smart phones. What parts exactly these would be is still a mystery though, could we be looking at Kodak lenses in some new phones and tablets? Perhaps.

Kodak has had a history of trimming it’s operations and reportedly laid off 50,000 employees and closing at least 13 factories leaving barely 8,500 employees to overlook the massive turnaround in business. Some of the other services would include packaging, functional printing and professional services.

Via: Technobuffalo

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