Kuuva for Mac is a Fantastic Wallpaper collection App for your Mac

Wallpapers are like a personal identity of your computer. We are sure, you put a lot of thought into what your wallpaper would be for the next few days and end up changing them sooner than you anticipated. It could simply be a picture of your loved ones, a moment you wish to cherish or a beautiful picture, the bottom line remains that your wallpaper is special.

Kuuva for Mac

However, there comes a situation where you want a new wallpaper, want to refresh the things but are not exactly sure of what you want. This is where apps like Kuuva are extremely useful. Kuuva is an app for your Mac and iOS devices that gives you a large variety of wallpaper options. Right from abstract art to some cool landscapes, Kuuva has you covered. You can set your preferences in the application and have the wallpapers of your taste delivered without fail. There are some inbuilt streams such as Popular Images, Newest added images or the favorites which you may use.

Everyday of the week, your Mac or iPhone would be treated to a new picture without any effort of yours. Every week a new set of images is added as a result, your desktop stays daisy fresh. So, go ahead and download Kuuva from the Apple Mac Store for just $2.99.

Via: Kuuva For Mac

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